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Say Something Meaningful. By JC Scott

Climate change is happening even faster than scientists originally predicted. It’s time to stop talking about trivialities — and talk about what matters most. This is your turn to change your thoughts into actions, your words into behaviours and your problems into solutions. You can talk about sports or you can discuss politics, you can… read more

Shame of My Generation. By JC Scott

Why should you be part of a solution when you can profit more from adding to the problem? This seems to be the defining question of my generation, a generation which in my opinion, in the rear-view mirror of history, will equal the infamous Nero generation who fiddled away the Roman Empire. In 1969 Pollution… read more

Now for World War Three… By JC Scott

 The Third World War has already started, writes eco-designer J.C. Scott, and it’s all around us — in our air, our water, our land.Ever since I could think adult thoughts, I’ve worried about war — World War. Who doesn’t? Maybe it was because my grandfather was in the army in World War One, and my… read more

Too Big to Fail: Planet Earth Ltd. By JC Scott

If our planet were a corporate entity like the big banks or financial houses, wouldn’t we also deem it “too big to fail” and do everything in our power to prevent catastrophic consequences?At the height of the recent financial crisis, we all learned a new business expression, ‘Too Big to Fail” which was the reasoning… read more

Are libraries on the shelf? By Pedro Arrais

Are libraries on the shelf? By Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist March 24, 2012 Featuring Ann Squires Ferguson, Senior Interior designer at JC Scott eco Design. How can a piece of furniture that is simple, functional and practical be simply overlooked? Bookcases don’t get much respect- until one realizes how difficult it is to live without… read more