JC Scott is a designer committed to timeless values which include the environment as well as aesthetics.  Educated as an architectural historian, he is well schooled in harmonic proportions and natural construction.  As an architectural scholar he learned that until the latter part of the twentieth century, except for the lead in water pipes, there were virtually no offgasing or harmful materials in the man-made built environment and our carbon footprint on earth was manageable.

Today JC promotes healthy and sustainable design with the highest quality local materials and fabricators, showcasing new ways to live on the west coast of Canada.  From a writer’s studio in the forest, to designing an organic market style food service for The University of Victoria, the same principles of promoting sustainability through the use of exceptional quality local materials is the method of our design studio, from hand-drawn concept sketches through to CAD renderings.

To showcase our designs, selected products and ideas we have a store, a studio and a gallery, all committed to JC Scott’s vision of west coast eco design.

“Hi JC,  This is a quick note to follow-up on our consultation session. It’s such a treat when something unexpected like this turns out to be both thoroughly enjoyable and highly informative… there really is no substitute for the insight one can get from a knowledgeable, objective advisor, and by luck I think the timing of our conversation was just about perfect.

I just wanted to send a note to say thanks, to say that both Maria and I like the direction you’ve helped us chart out…”

“JC,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your fabulous assistance and guidance in the making of my beautiful home. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help, especially when originally I thought I didn’t need a designer. You provided many ideas that I never would have thought of and were open to my ideas and suggestions too. Together we solved problems, some taking more thinking than others, but we were very successful. I have suggested your company to people without hesitation. Please feel free to give me as a reference if requested.”

“JC brought a spectacular eye for design; he brought a true sense of sustainability and wanting to be local and green.  He has an amazing knack for problem solving, an amazing knack for seeing what our idea is, and taking it from idea to vision, and not just vision but actually going on beyond that and actually having a spectacular end project as well. JC I would say was integral to our design project and our construction project the whole way through, and we are very happy with the end result.”

“Frank is right, JC does not serve rules lightly, we were clueless when we started this project and he was there for us at our defense when we didn’t know to say no, when we needed to say no, or would question something and say “whoa whoa whoa wait a minute and let’s see where this takes us” and he would investigate it further and he would measure it or ask us what we wanted to use the space for or whatever the case may be and if the quality wasn’t right he was there checking that too.  And yeah we would have been too trusting if it had not been for JC’s experience and knowledge.  And being able to step in and say “No, I know what they want and this is not it!” And yeah he was definitely worth every cent!”