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Eco Lux Continued

I was lucky enough this week to be given a tour of Dunmora by my friend, the listing realtor, Leslee Farrell.  The tour reminded me that heritage homes, once renovated, may be both one of the best forms of eco design and of eco lux.  Nothing like them can, will, or possibly even should be… read more


I Love Nature It’s true, I do.  This simplest of facts is the basis for most of what I do in my life including much of my social and business activity.  The fact that it is summer and that I have been out in nature much more recently because we are having a fabulous summer… read more


One of the inspirations for me as a designer is the work of my heros, remember heros, those people who show us the way forward even when it seems very beak just before the dawn?  Well I have three or four or five living heros, Santiago Calatrava, Phillip Stark, Marcel Wanders, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid…. read more

29er Radio Interview

If you would like to hear my thoughts in reply to some very thoughful questions by people who care about our community and the state of society, you might enjoy this edited version of the interview I gave recently. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxaDay8czICQRXhWdTA0amZBSUk/edit?usp=sharing I’m interested to read your comments.  

Who is Going to Pay for This?

The big question in Alberta now is; “Who is Going to Pay for This?” and of course no one in their beloved Alberta petrochemical industry wants to take responsibility for climate change and the costs of flooding.  The rational is that the massive flooding was entirely caused by Mother Nature and late spring runoff, not… read more

Natural, Green, Local – What’s in a word?

Do you recall the first time you heard someone promoting something with use of the word natural?  If you’re old enough it would probably have been in the 1970’s maybe in a health food or ‘natural’ food store. Within a few years it seemed almost everything being sold was ‘natural’, even soft drinks full of… read more

TOP TEN eco HOME Innovations:

The last ten years has seen a sharp increase in people who are interested in conserving energy and preserving the environment by living “green” or “eco.” There are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and help make the earth a better place for future generations. Here are ten ‘eco’logical suggestions. 1…. read more

eco bathing anyone?

The New York Times today is worth noting, this sober publication is warning that we have crossed the 400ppm threshold of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  So what is an eco concious person to do?  How about some lifestyle changes, less driving and more bathing, less enegy consumption, and more plants in our lives.  An excellent… read more


Moving into my third chapter as a designer with both hope and concern, has placed some community based timeless values in greater focus and importance and these 10 decision making checkpoints that I use are worth sharing for your contemplation. Does the planning process produce something made locally, minimizing transportation and energy consumption? Simple choices… read more