Eco Friendly Living – Why Wouldn’t You Just Do It? By JC Scott

With rising energy costs, rising temperatures, rising environmental awareness and the role you play in all that locally and globally, why wouldn’t you just do it? It’s the right thing for our planet.
Nike was so right when many years ago they coined the slogan ‘Just Do It!’ because complacent awareness changes nothing of value. Saying “I know all about the environment and the five R’s — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew and Respect” without any significant implementation is worse than meaningless, it is disrespectful to the planet and to the network of communities you depend on for your very existence. Bad eco manners!
“It’s too expensive” is no longer a valid excuse either, because more and more, life-cycle economics are proving that energy efficiency pays for itself and that intelligent energy is one of the better ROI’s you can find in a world of diminished returns on capital.

“I can’t get what I want when I shop locally” is also no longer valid because ecological alternatives that allow you to just do the right thing are everywhere, from your local grocery store to your big box home supply store.

Only 2% of the toilet paper used in North America today contains recycled content, but still, why not use the recycled kind? Is your bum really too soft, or is your commitment to actually doing anything what’s really soft?

Grants and incentive programs, coupled with a rising knowledge-base backed by trained and now certified eco-professionals all across the economic spectrum, are paving an easy way to make better choices and even for you to be a ‘lazy environmentalist’.

Think of Clint Eastwood. Now imagine him as Dirty Harry, the eco cop? Do you want to make his day? You’re out of excuses, punk. Why wouldn’t you just do it right this time?

First Published At Life As A Human.


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“Multiplcity: Stereographic Panorama” by Photo Extremist @ Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved

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