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Commercial design has great value in the workplace. It is one of the largest interior design sectors due to corporate offices and government.  However, although most people have been introduced to design as something that happens for homes and restaurants, the smaller workplace is often overlooked, or perhaps an office furnishings company provides design services along with the desks they sell.

A lawyer was paying high rent and wanted to buy a downtown Victoria residential penthouse with hardwood floors and under-floor heat and wanted to make the penthouse into a top drawer office with lawyers, and support staff, for at least a few years.  He also wanted the option to be able to return the space in perfectly livable (and marketable) shape back to a residential unit at almost no cost depending on the real estate market.  This is our style of interior design challenge, the penthouse space is now a functioning, comfortable, professional law practice which does not look residential in any way but which could be sold as a livable penthouse at any time simply by the removal of the DIRTT movable wall system, and with the desks replaced by sofas and beds.

Perhaps you want 180 people to work adjacent to the factory they manage and make sales for, and that office is to be to sustainable standards. What if you own one of the city’s most well respected high tech medical research companies and you want to both attract the best and the brightest while keeping your physical plant costs competitive?  These are the kind of design challenges that we solve for clients who know the value of design in the workplace.

Institutional design has actually been one of my favourite topics because although there was resistance at the start, this sector has actually seen some of the best measured and ground breaking advances in sustainable and green design.  Almost thirty years ago I designed the interiors at the University of Victoria for the then new UVic Student Union Building.  I was hired specifically because I had the only ‘green’ design practice in Victoria.  Today we are back at UVic, this time designing a model of green, local and sustainable food service delivery to be branded ‘Mystic Market’ at the University Centre with a mandate to be the best food service delivery model in Canada.  This new model which will combine the former cafeteria and Maltwood Gallery into the style of a Granville Island Public Market , with fresh food market food court concept.  I designed five of the first stalls at Granville Island Public Market and my red snapper ‘fish print’ mural is still on the wall and signage at Longliner Seafood.

Fall celebrates y.a.m. Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 issue, Modern Home Victoria and some eco initiatives

Climate Change: This 2014 fall season has some reasons for celebration in our eco design studio and eco home store. First must be the largest climate change march in history, centered in NYC and echoed around the world. In larger and larger numbers people are getting vocal about wanting politicians and business to face up… read more

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