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The healthy home which I promote and design for, has never in my long career, been more important than it is today.  In the past weeks, I have been communicating with, and gleaning practical information from, my healthy home network, some of which I will share in this update.  Special thanks go to Dr Myron… read more

Do Small Things Still Matter to Anyone in 2020?

Do Small Things Still Matter to Anyone in 2020? In this ‘Go Big or Go Home’ world where problems seem massive and solutions include leaving the Earth for colonies on Mars, I have been asking myself; what can I do? What can you do? As early as 1969 Pollution Probe was active in Toronto talking… read more

I’m embarrassed to be human

It is an embarrassing time to be a human. I mean, what could you say to a fish or to a bird if they could understand us in any way? “I’m sorry fish but it is better for me and all of us humans if we just use your water for a little while to… read more

Eco Meets Design @ UVic Mystic Market

Designing a student space that makes people feel like they are in a West Coast setting while embracing modern amenities is no small task. UVic not only needed it done, they wanted it to resonate with the students enough to be rated the best in Canada. Now it’s done and nobody is disappointed with the… read more

Fall celebrates y.a.m. Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 issue, Modern Home Victoria and some eco initiatives

Climate Change: This 2014 fall season has some reasons for celebration in our eco design studio and eco home store. First must be the largest climate change march in history, centered in NYC and echoed around the world. In larger and larger numbers people are getting vocal about wanting politicians and business to face up… read more

Thoughtful Holiday Reading

Three books plus the normal contingent of magazines including the New Yorker were the core of my cerebral stimulation for the holidays.  Reading books when one can sleep-in is an even more wonderful experience than usual, and magazines make airports and flight delays more tolerable. I started with the 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of ECOLOGICAL DESIGN… read more

To Shop or Not To Shop? That is The QUESTION

… Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to …? Anyway you get the point, we are moving into the height of the consumer season and the question around sustainable society vs consumerism promoted incessantly by the corporatocrasy, the consumerism that according to our government “Drives The Economy” is worth some consideration. Which economy do you… read more