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Fourth Principle – 10 Principles For 100 Mile Design – By JC Scott

4. Celebrate & appreciate where you are by using local materials and indigenous architecture There are several advantages to paying attention to where you are in terms of design, because local materials have the lowest carbon footprint and because regional architectural methods usually have been adapted to climatic conditions and available materials.  For example this Courtenay restaurant… read more

100 Mile Design – Checkpoints Along the Way: An artist / designer’s mantra for a new green way of creating, working and interacting within community. By: JC Scott

With hope for the future and experience based vision,  community based timeless values have moved into greater focus and importance for me.  Ten checkpoints that I use for my decision making are worth sharing. Does my design and planning process produce something that is made locally, minimizing transportation needs and energy consumption and enhancing local business and… read more

Occupy This Space. By JC Scott

JC Scott takes an impactful snap shot of a girl chasing bubbles, leading him to question the actions we take now which will leave an indelible mark on the planet to be inherited by a younger generation.  I lead a pleasant life. For example I took this photo at a winery dinner this summer, attended… read more

The Clear Plan To Change. By JC Scott

Just like the French and American revolutions, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is motivated by the need for change in world equity and is inspired by hope, equality and freedom. What was the clear plan of the French Revolution? In fact what was the clear plan of the American Revolution? Looking back we have found… read more