Say Something Meaningful. By JC Scott

Climate change is happening even faster than scientists originally predicted. It’s time to stop talking about trivialities — and talk about what matters most.

This is your turn to change your thoughts into actions, your words into behaviours and your problems into solutions. You can talk about sports or you can discuss politics, you can debate what to do about rising interest rates or you can take some real actions that you are in control of — meaningful and considered actions, including your own shopping decisions, to enhance your own local economic community .

If we continue down the road we are now on — the road leading to our own self-destruction — let’s agree that the only way for the environment to fix itself if it must (and be certain of this, it surely can), is for the planet — over tens of thousands of years —to return to balanced carbon and a natural balance of nature, without us, without any humans at all.

Or, if we are going to do something to save ourselves, we do it now at the eleventh hour: we wake up, we open meaningful dialogue with ourselves, we start talking with meaning within our communities — and even with our politicians — about real issues. We start talking meaningfully — as if our lives depend on it, and they actually do — about issues like the value of life on earth and main street economics for healthy communities vs. politically-sanctioned Wall Street corruption. (See Agenda For A New Economy by David C. Korten). We  talk meaningfully about climate change and alternative energy, and we do it right this time.

Look at the young people around you, and say to them, as if you mean it, “Let’s fix this thing.” Because young people are showing us they are ready; they are rallying in the streets for the environment, organizing in America for real change by the tens of thousands.

So really the only question now is: “Are you ready to do something meaningful?” Or at least can you say something meaningful about any of these real issues to inspire someone else to action.

Or will you go back to watching your hockey and hope someone else will take out your garbage? Maybe the kids?

First Published At Life As A Human.

Photo Credit

“Polar bear in peril: climate change”

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