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Solar Heated Spa - Hollyhock - Cortes Island


For this specialized category, JC Scott provides both full design and also the project management level of installation supervision required for swimming pools, spas & wellness facilities due the level of detail involved.  He has a longstanding personal commitment to healthy living and the west coast wellness movement. The environments created encompass the full spectrum of relaxation, fitness and healing properties. From indoor exercise pools to commercial facilities and large indoor pools, experience and rigorous attention to details, makes for a better finished project. Major pool projects have included Shoal Point, The Royal Scot Inn, Hollyhock outdoor spas, the former Queen Victoria Hotel pool and many private swimming pools, steam rooms and fitness facilities.

We recently completed a 50 foot outdoor swimming pool that looks like a natural pond complete with a waterfall from an existing cliff. We worked with aquarium builders on concrete work so realistic that the seams to the real rock are almost invisible.


Recreational design has always been a focus at JC Scott eco Design Associates.  Projects where people can play, relax and enjoy the natural environment stimulate our creativity and the results are self evident. Re-defining tradition has been the mission statement for recreation and resort design and we have led the movement on the West Coast toward eco and adventure-tourism, and also to the emerging wine and culinary tourism sector.   JC was elected to the board of Tourism Victoria by industry peers as the Arts and Culture Representative.

From Painters Lodge at Campbell River evolving into an eco resort and arts centre from what was one a world famous fishing resort to April Point on Quadra Island now housing a Japanese inspired spa where fishing was once the only activity, this designer has helped inspire a changing resort climate in BC. Further afield The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort in the Bahamas set a new standard for that country and Loreto Bay in the Baja was planned as the world’s foremost eco resort community.  Economics have slowed that project but it remains a model walkable and livable resort community. Across much of Vancouver Island, our projects have set new benchmarks, from golf to fishing, from eco / adventure tourism to wine and culinary tourism, ask us how this extensive portfolio can benefit your project.


Through successful clubhouse design for green-fee and private membership golf clubs, and with a long career in resort and hospitality interior design, JC Scott has acquired an unsurpassed level of clubhouse design experience for Vancouver Island. Providing the clubhouses listed below with hospitality planning and interior design services, demonstrates the unequalled depth of JC Scott Design Associates experience specific to golf clubhouse design.

JC Scott eco Design Associates has the largest portfolio of renovated and built from scratch clubhouses on Vancouver Island. Call us for a tour of any private club you may wish to tour.

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