The Clear Plan To Change. By JC Scott

Just like the French and American revolutions, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is motivated by the need for change in world equity and is inspired by hope, equality and freedom.

What was the clear plan of the French Revolution? In fact what was the clear plan of the American Revolution?

Looking back we have found words and documents which seemed inspirational to these epoch changing moments in time but to be clear, there was no clear plan to these revolutions, there never can be, they are simply about the need for change. There is a guiding principle to all revolutions and most social movements which is the desire for the removal of inequity from within a society. This is the clear plan now coursing through the web.

Those who control the media are trying to discredit The Occupy Wall Street Movement by mentioning in every mainstream media article and broadcast, the lack of a ‘clear plan’ or ‘defined agenda’ for the protests. The strength of the movement is, in fact, the fact that no leaders with single purpose can be found (to discredit like Wiki Leaks) nor can any single location (like Zuccotti or Liberty Park,) be isolated (like Tiananmen Square) to focus the strength of the state against.

New social movements are arising based on simple, human desires and needs which can never be extinguished, such as hope, equality and freedom. The fact that the democratic process has become a hollow sham of itself is now the emperor’s clothes and those who stand in support of Wall Street itself seem like an historic anachronism. Although in media and in person these tent camps have no glory, they are by their tattered nature, a perfect symbol of the inequity which we have allowed to dominate our democratic institutions and our society.

To stand with politicians who are now demanding the removal of the occupy movement is to stand with the Wall Street bankers. We must support this movement for change or face an even faster slide towards massive social inequity in the face of shrinking global resources and expanding populations. The elite will never remove themselves from the trough of plenty, the clear plan, as often before in history, must be simply a restoration of equity to the social fabric.


First Published At Life As A Human.

Photo Credit

Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People (1830) – Public Domain Wikipedia

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