Third Principle – 10 Principles For 100 Mile Design – By JC Scott

3. Your carbon footprint really does matter because we are well past inconvenient now.

At huge expense, the petrochemical, coal and fuel apologists and their media powers of obfuscation have hidden the truth about the risks we all face by ignoring science.  A huge number of North Americans don’t believe in global warming, even during heat waves and forest fires.

Inconvenient to business and government as carbon footprints may be, they will be our legacy, and unlike those footprints that quickly vanish in the sand on a seashore as the tide comes in, our footprints are going to be like those dinosaur footprints, cast in stone that will last for centuries.

Please do your own thinking about this and if you have a family, if you give any thought at all to the future, then start today to make changes in your life, in your home, in your business to stop the madness.  There is hope for us if we all act together but please don’t wait for Stephen Harper to tell you what is right, because the view from his favorite city Calgary, is that god will fix whatever we do to the earth.  If you believe that, you may wish to move to Calgary yourself or with your family and start digging for more oil.


We encourage you to check out Raincoast Conservation and become aware of these issues or even get involved!




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