IMG_7738 - CopyI Love Nature

It’s true, I do.  This simplest of facts is the basis for most of what I do in my life including much of my social and business activity.  The fact that it is summer and that I have been out in nature much more recently because we are having a fabulous summer simply adds to the feeling, but this love affair goes on all year every year, and in fact grows stronger with each passing season.  You could say that we all love nature, and who doesn’t?  And maybe you’d be right, but does everyone truly act as if they really love nature?

Do you hike in it, bike in it, camp in it, romp in it?  Do you swim in lakes and rivers, even if the water is cool or cold?  Would you go hundreds of miles (or kilometers) just to walk on beaches and collect driftwood?  This is what I do whenever I get a chance to play with nature.

So let’s say that you’ve said yes to all this, that like me you do all these things, you love, celebrate and play with nature.  Then do you act ecologically as if you love nature?  Do you own oil stocks; is your investment portfolio ecologically ethical, and how far past recycling does your carbon footprint stretch?

It’s time for those of us who truly love nature to show her that we care, that we understand, that we are listening, and that we are going to change.  Because this relationship of loving nature is at a critical juncture.   A little self help and counselling can go a long way, think about the effects on nature of everything you do and you might find yourself doing some things differently.  If we all start to do things differently with love for nature in our hearts and actions, we might keep the positive change we need really moving.  Do you love nature like I do?

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