eco bathing anyone?

The New York Times today is worth noting, this sober publication is warning that we have crossed the 400ppm threshold of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  So what is an eco concious person to do?  How about some lifestyle changes, less driving and more bathing, less enegy consumption, and more plants in our lives.  An excellent example of eco luxury with a long term benefit to the owners is the beautiful tub side, green wall featured recently in Houzz.  Check out:

I have a green wall in my studio but never thought to put it by my tub until I saw this inspirational image.  I’m looking for clients who want an interior designer who wants to help them feel better about building and renovation by selecting eco responsible and beautiful solutions like this.  By simply being aware, thinking about what we do and what we value, how we do what we do and what impacts and preferably benefits we create, we can save the planet and feel good about doing it. Imagine yourself in this tub, then let me help you create one for yourself.  Or if you’re a true DIY’er go for it and Do It Yourself!

If you’re wondering why I’m promoting more bathing, and isn’t that an energy hog, then you’re not thinking solar hot water, because with the fastest green payback and the simplest technology, this is a great change for the better for your home that is often grant worthy in most regions.  Let the sun warm your bath water for the tub and then feel good about pampering yourself.

PS, Nice Mother’s Day or Birthday Gift too if you’re the generous sort!  Show your favourite person this image and say, do you like this? Do you want one?


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