I’m embarrassed to be human

It is an embarrassing time to be a human.
I mean, what could you say to a fish or to a bird if they could understand us in any way?
“I’m sorry fish but it is better for me and all of us humans if we just use your water for a little while to get rid of our extra plastic when we are finished with it, we don’t really mean to harm you.”
“We are sorry birds, but we just save so much money when we pollute your air that we simply can not stop just yet, we will stop someday, we know we should, you understand, don’t you?”
I have been an environmentalist for all of my adult life and I enjoyed nature as a child, and it gets more sickening with every passing decade that there are far more humans who value greed and selfishness than people who care enough about the natural world that they would be willing to do something more than pay lip service to nature.
“We’re sorry but we like the promise of money more than we like you!”
Today, another group of Canadian politicians, who this summer will call themselves environmental advocates, made a decision that will go a long way toward killing more species of fish and birds, speeding up the wanton decimation of actual life-forms on earth by species and type, not just by individual deaths.
Less fish, less birds, less insects, more oil, more money, but for whom and for what?

I look forward to the eco-world court, wherein those people who made these decisions to destroy life on earth are asked to pay for that damage, to make restitution to nature.
It truly is an embarrassing time.