Home Spa Shoal PointThe healthy home which I promote and design for, has never in my long career, been more important than it is today.  In the past weeks, I have been communicating with, and gleaning practical information from, my healthy home network, some of which I will share in this update.  Special thanks go to Dr Myron Wentz, Debra Lynn Dadd, Caroline Blazovsky and many others.
If you have listened to those of us who have promoted healthy indoor air quality (IAQ), and acted on this knowledge, then good for you and your loved ones.  The biggest investment you are ever going to make in your life is your home.  We need to take good care of our homes so our indoor environments can be the safe haven that we all need now more than ever.
First, many experts are offering their opinions on COVID 19 strategies. Do some homework, but beware of false claims.
Second, bring some plants indoors if you can, some, like spider plants, (Chlorophytum comosum) eat VOC’s and other toxins, and all plants produce oxygen which is critical as more people share enclosed spaces.  Plants can be our new best friends during social distancing!
Third, within your budget limits, improve your indoor air quality, notably where you spend the most time; like your kitchen, your bed, your sofa, or your home office.  If you can, upgrade your home air filtration system to Hepa filter qualities or beyond and consider a UV option to eliminate pathogens in your air. This UV feature is what I have added recently.
Fourth, be outside, in fresh air and socially distanced if and when you can.

The following are updates I have learned and offer here for a more serious approach to COVID 19 abatement. Thanks to The Healthy Home Expert.

  • Control the humidity in your indoor environment, a range between 30 and 50 % is ideal.
  • Remove your shoes at the door or better, outside.  We always do this, so I missed it before.
  • Close your toilet lids, especially during the flush.  We keep our lids closed for Feng Shui, but during the flush is a risk time.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and sulfactant are the best cleaning solution, my dermatologist called me with this advice weeks ago.
  • UVC technology cleans the air much like UV cleans water in advanced water systems.  This will be our home upgrade.
  • Hot water for washing should be 140 F degrees, if you can turn up the heat a little, it may be worth the extra energy.
  • Open your windows or skylights to allow natural ventilation.
  • If you have been exposed to crowds while shopping or at work, remove your clothes at the door and wash them in hot water.
  • Finally, wash your hands (it is not the only strategy).

My website: or you can look up Debra Lynn Dadd:  Caroline Blazovsky:, Dr Myron Wentz:,  and others.

Many of us in the eco movement and those of us who advocate for The Healthy Home, hope that what we learn from this crisis will produce a healthier world as we come out of this period with heightened awareness. We are all moving through time and space as the crew, not the passengers on star-ship Earth. Let’s all be responsible.