Eigth Principle -10 Principles For 100 Mile Design- By JC Scott

8. Community & Culture do matter, think history class, Europe, art, music & your favourite dinner parties.


Few aspects of any society are more important than community & culture. What began at the dawn of civilization as necessary personal security through group association eventually evolved into tribes, cities & nation states. The basic principles are that the us and the we are more important in certain situations than the me.

The premise is the same today, because humans are stronger, safer & happier in community.  In fact studies show that people engaged in their community through things like volunteerism actually live longer.  So go ahead and be a volunteer even if you are basically selfish and you may extend your life.

Community breeds culture & culture enriches the human condition through art, music, education & language.

Think history class from school, think Europe, the Orient, Latin America and the rich diversity of that culture and the sense of community we associate with those places, and now take that away.  Human life without culture is unthinkable, it would be merely existence, like a lonely fish in an empty pond.

100 Mile Design celebrates & enhances local community & culture. The United Nations principles of sustainability values community and culture as a founding principle.  At our design studio and with our enterprises  and social exchanges we aim for global village citizenship whereby if all of us  took stewardship of our own hundred mile radius & we took care of everyone and everything within that radius as if we were a tribal village and finally if everyone else everywhere did the same…… what a wonderful world it would be.

Please support your local community and celebrate the culture around you.







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