ENJOY eco-lux DESIGN on Salt Spring Island

Because most of the exclusive residential design work from my studio is for private homes and vacation homes, with a capital ‘P’ for private, most people including my friends rarely have a chance to see what I consider to be some of my best design work and only the owners and their friends get to experience these beautiful ‘healthy homes’  first hand.  I also design hospitality projects which people can enjoy (try a craft beer and gastropub food at The Yates Street Taphouse or at Swans Hotel Greenhouse) but now there is a great opportunity for anyone to see and even experience one of my favourite projects, The Salt Spring Stonehouse.  This experience is eco-lux to the max.  Geothermal heating and natural materials are used throughout and natural light fills the spaces.  Local materials were prioritized and much of the work was hand-crafted on site.  The notable environmentalist and global thinker David Suzuki has stayed here and the owner supports environmental and social change.  http://saltspringstonehouse.com/

You can view many photos of the house and property by opening the attached links and the pictures are worth a good look.  However because it is now a B&B which the owner has authorized me to promote to my circle, you could also actually book a reservation, and then stay at the Salt Spring Stonehouse and I recommend that highly. This is because few sites in BC have nicer views, the grounds are beyond imagination and the rooms feature award winning interior design set into a solid stone, timber and tile roof complex.  For those who want to experience the best of WestCoast eco Design this would be the ideal place for a romantic getaway with spa, steamroom and private chef.  Or for someone seeking a large family harvest table style gathering this location is also perfect because there are up to five bedrooms on site.  Plus Salt Spring Island is a great place to enjoy  a few days of arts & crafts, beer & wine, cheese and organic local food.  Finally for those who are musical, the property even has a recording studio! For anyone with an eye for natural beauty,  and for architecture and design that is harmonious with its site, this magical place is a soul restoration opportunity. Enjoy eco-lux design at the  Salt Spring Stonehouse.


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