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eco HOUSE ~ Concept Brief

This is a concept paper for a proposed eco House, a “living sustainability lab” in a  renovated Victoria building. The eco House will showcase sustainable systems and features that can be afforded and implemented by a local family of average income.  Features of the program would include the ecological renovations themselves, energy efficiency upgrades, healthy living with good indoor air quality, natural light and simple gardens.  People should be able to walk in and not only say “I can do that!” but also “I want to do that!” when they see the features.

The house could include an affordable rent control suite, the tenant(s) of which would be responsible for providing tours to the general public.

Principles & Target Guidelines to follow

  1. Educational model – best practices – show & tell target
  2. United Nations sustainability principles
  3. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle principles
  4. Energy management – BC Hydro guidelines
  5. Energy efficiency- Fortis BC guidelines
  6. Water management – CRD best practices
  7. Resource management – LEED / Built Green principles
  8. Local Supply – 100 Mile Design & Shop Local Victoria
  9. Social housing example
  10. Possible eco-tourism rental unit
  11. Sustainable local business showcase
  12. Secondary suite demonstration
  13. Energuide test case renovation – City Green
  14. Commercial display and financial returns target
  15. Green Technology display
  16. Eco renovation – existing building remediation and upgrade
  17. Regulation and new 2012 BC Building Code model project
  18. Permaculture and urban gardening target
  19. Inspirational model project
  20. Indigenous architecture study
  21. WestCoast style and local materials
  22. Solar hot water &  Photovoltaic options

This DRAFT outline welcomes comment and invites companies and individuals within the Cascadia Green Building zone who wish to be part of a demonstration project to contact the author.

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